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Cloud POS Software

Get connected to your restaurant business using Cloud POS. ALLPOS Cloud POS Control of everything in your restaurants wherever you go.

Cloud POS Software made for all types of business

  • Easy to works on any Smart phone, Tablet, Desktop, Laptop and designated Cloud POS devices.
  • Manage your restaurant business remotely from anywhere with any device.
  • User friendly interface - Your staff would love to use with ease of access.
  • Secure cloud POS platform scalable for your future business expansions.
“It’s not about Where you do business, it’s all about How you scale up”

Best-in-Class Live Dashboard to monitor and manage your business

Gain access to valuable insights to boost your profits and save time

Increase productivity and grow your business with full potential

“Powerful Metrics matters the most for any Successful Business”

Cloud-based restaurant POS software

  • Our easily understandable insights will enable you to make effective business decisions on time.
  • Gain new opportunities to increase your profits by improving customer experience, and managing the costs in real-time
  • Move the inventories across your multiple outlets by knowing the demand and excess supply
“Making a decision is crucial to shift the level of business”

Boost your sales through integration of multiple Delivery Partners

  • Accept Orders and Manage all delivery operations in one place
“Win new customers from anywhere and everywhere”

Extend multiple digital payment methods to customers with the help of our integrations

Hassle free flexible ways for your customers to make payment.
Auto reconcile invoices
with digital payments.
Manage all payments
in one place.

“Secure payment experience results in gaining trust of customers”

Grow your E-commerce business with Cloud POS

  • Integrate your online store with Cloud POS for accepting and managing your online orders.
  • Manage Shipping, Inventory and move your stocks quickly
  • Generate sale reports from one place
  • Move your business to global and sell anywhere
“Wherever your customers are; Offer your business Online as well Offline”

Integrate your account system with ALLPOS Cloud POS

  • Cloud POS syncs with accounting software and posts the sales, payments and taxes accurately by saving your time avoiding manual entry.
  • Your P&L is now up to date with our accounting book integrations.
“What you measure, you control”

Build a long-lasting relationship with your customers

Make customers to come back regularly with rewarding loyalty programs.
Your sales increases whenever customers redeem the rewards.
Delight your customers with promotions and engage them through regular customized communication across channels.

“Customers for Life – A gift of exceptional service and rewards”

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