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Kitchen Display System

Posted On May 20, 2022

How Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) can increase your Restaurant Kitchen’s efficiency?

Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) is an android based solution working on cloud-based technology.

It is the best way to increase kitchen efficiency by serving as an ordering and information display system in the back end. If you want to give prompt quick and efficient service KDS is essential to restaurants as the chances of manual errors happening are completely eliminated by automating the entire process. KDS helps you in retaining customer loyalty and increasing profits.

Why do you need KDS?

With KDS you can integrate the restaurant management software into an efficient digital kitchen management system.

Your kitchen is fully equipped to handle and deliver orders more quickly and also monitor the orders in real-time.

You can take orders directly from the guests’ table and pass them on to the kitchen saving significant time.

The service staff can also know when the orders are ready and be ready to serve them while hot.

This android based KDS ALLPOS restaurant management software alerts chefs on new orders with sound notification.

KDS indicates different status updates like new orders, Under preparation, Ready, and delivered.

There is a touch interface to update the status of chefs and statuses are differentiated by several colour codes for easy identification.

When implemented KDS can reduce dependency on printers by avoiding printing of KOTs.

Advantages of KDS

Restaurant kitchens are always busy so it is not a surprise that handwritten orders are either lost or not easily readable due to spillage or illegible due to hastily written orders.

In a KDS there is no possibility of orders getting lost or wrong orders passed on to the kitchen. Menu items including variants and specific choices are accurately passed on to the kitchen.

KDS Implementation leads to better waste management and stock control. It is also environmentally friendly since it is a paperless system.

When KDS is integrated with restaurant management software ALLPOS it is easier to completely track orders from start to finish and owners/managers can keep a track of the average time taken for the orders to be processed and focus on the key areas that need to be improved.

KDS leads to overall restaurant efficiency, reduces wastage, and makes optimum use of manpower. Chefs find it easier to plan manpower and allocate resources as needed. Customer service is improved leading to customer satisfaction which ultimately leads to higher profits and building a loyal customer base.