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How do Social Media Influencers boost F&B sales?

Posted On October 21, 2021

How do Social Media Influencers boost F&B sales?

Social Media as a whole has changed the way businesses around the world function. In this day and age, social media might seem relatively “old”, but Influencer Marketing didn’t catch on until recently. Yet, the impact that it has had and is having on various industries is too important to ignore. People are now able to make a living as Influencers. And Influencer Marketing does work! So, the question is, how are businesses in the restaurant industry going to wisely use Influencers to maximize their sales? Let’s take a look at the various ways they can boost their sales!

One of the main ways that Social Media Influencers increase sales are to generally talk about the restaurant and bring about awareness. When restaurants tie up with Influencers, they expand their target audience to a whole new generation of millennials. New Age or Next-Gen is more likely to buy something when it has been recommended to them by a friend, compared to if they see a general advertisement about it. People don’t want to hear from restaurants. People want to hear from people. But it’s important to know that even with Social Media Influencers, there’s a fine line between a promotion sounding genuine and fake.

Social Media Marketing is a modern advertising approach. And it works because there is a trust that Influencers build with their following that can greatly aid restaurants. Customers can see restaurants in a more authentic light instead of something that only needs to be promoted. It is about being able to capture and earn trust so that when they are recommended something, the audience will be more likely and willing to try it out.

How much does this actually work? Restaurants gain social exposure. It is reported that restaurants saw an increase in their following online and in the number of reservations they received after collaborating with influencers! However, even when it comes to influencer marketing, restaurants must be smart in using them effectively to boost their sales. For instance, restaurants might not have a large budget when it comes to social media promotions. Here is where micro-influencers come in. These are influencers with a considerably smaller following; however, they are far more affordable. The loyalty of a micro influencer’s following is stronger as there is more of a personal bond between the two.

When restaurants reach out to these influencers and suggest collaborating, the Influencers can write a review or two with pictures or give general feedback, etc. This, in turn, will give the restaurant some credibility and thus improve sales. Food bloggers are essential this way. A food blogger’s audience will consist of people from the same area as them. For this reason, when looking for influencers, ‘staying local’ is vital. Restaurants must choose wisely bloggers/influencers in the area so they know for sure the business will get more traffic because people will be more likely to try it out.

Traditional advertising is slowly dying out, and Social Media Marketing is how people want to hear about new things now!