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How the “Captain App” can help to increase your dine-in restaurant’s revenue?

As a restaurant owner – you want to increase your profit and business by cutting costs and increasing revenue. In order to do that you have to offer a favorable experience for your guests so that they visit you often and refer your restaurant to their friends through word of mouth and through social media like Instagram and positive reviews.
But the typical challenges faced by dine-in restaurants are managing the peak hour rush and making sure your guests are served quickly and efficiently and with the right orders.

Manual Kitchen Ordering and Chaos

In dine-in format, if the captains have to take orders manually during peak hours it is more likely they are prone to committing mistakes which ultimately leads to wrong orders or even worse the guest is waiting while the order is misplaced or even forgotten. These kinds of experiences lead to bad reviews and complaints on social media which finally reflects very negatively on the restaurant:

In this manual process the captain runs back and forth to tables and counters/kitchens, few items might get missed when Kitchen orders are generated and this leads to utter chaos. Guest also becomes unhappy as they are not able to place reorders as they are not able to get the attention of the captain when they are needed.

Simple Solution for productivity

To increase the productivity and efficiency of your captains, waiter/waitresses, chefs, and billers we have to make effective use of technology. Here you can find how the simple android based “Captain App”  Restaurant management software can play a key role in your business and also in a cost-effective manner. 

ALLPOS’s “Captain App” is an android app that is the most preferred restaurant management software that allows captains to take diner’s orders quickly, send orders to kitchens and automatically get the KOTs(Kitchen Order Tokens) printed in multiple languages at the kitchen faster and easier. 

This “Captain App” is part of ALLPOS’s restaurant cloud POS software, which allows captains to take orders directly from customers and send them as a KOT in a Wi-Fi/LAN environment by automating the whole process seamlessly. The top benefits of a Restaurant ALLPOS software are

  1. Boosts the efficiency of the restaurant operations as your captain punches the orders at the table side and sends them to the kitchen printer with a click of a button in no time
  2. Eliminates the delay and mistakes associated with manual ordering and reduces the workload of waiters to race to and from a stationary terminal bottlenecked by other services.
  3. Ensures happy customers and also helps to increase turn around time of tables per hour helping you to generate more revenue by speeding up the order taking process and serving the correct orders efficiently.

The beauty of the restaurant management software Captain App is that it has multiple features to capture the preferences of the guest by explaining the available modifiers, toppings, and variants of each menu more quickly and clearly. The APP has the facility to segregate the orders and send them to separate kitchens for example Continental, Chinese, Tandoori, etc.

KOTs, KDS & Regional languages

The orders are sent to the kitchen immediately as a KOT and also shown in the Kitchen Display System (KDS) to notify the kitchens instantly, for the chef to prepare each dish as preferred by the diner’s order. Moreover, the menu items in the KOT can be printed in your preferred regional language (Chinese, Arabic, French, Spanish, Hindi, etc.)  which your chefs can understand eliminating any confusion.

Captain App ALLPOS restaurant management software provides the facility to capture diners’ names, mobile numbers, and number of guests/pax to help analyze the footfall of the restaurant, and to effectively manage the customer relationship management by saying offering reward points for repeat customers, etc.,

If you are keen to automate your dine-in restaurant’s order-taking process and scale up your business profits, you can take a free trial of ALLPOS captain App restaurant management software from the Google play store or by signing up at www.allpos.software


Why are restaurants moving toward online ordering systems?

Why are restaurants moving toward online ordering systems?

When it comes to running a restaurant, many factors play a role, but arguably, what could be one of the most important? It is the Ordering System. The ordering system in a restaurant can significantly change the momentum of things and improve sales exponentially. In recent times restaurants are taking customer experience seriously and are moving towards their own online ordering systems.

But why online ordering systems? Are they as beneficial as they sound? The short answer is yes, they are! With an online ordering system, restaurants can serve their customers through a website or mobile app. Businesses have the freedom to accept orders, offer discounts, manage items on a menu and take care of various other operations. One of the most obvious reasons why businesses are gravitating towards this is because they drive up revenue by a significant amount and retain the customer. Restaurants needn’t worry about seating capacity and such and so can serve a much larger number of customers in a single day. Cost isn’t a concern either as larger infrastructure isn’t needed.

It also must be said that placing an order for food is simply easier online and not to mention, it is more convenient. For instance, during a busy workday, finding the time to actually visit a restaurant or QSR for a takeaway of food can be felt laborious. For this reason, customers experience food ordering online as convenient and beneficial too. Saving time is a boon to a customer as he/she is free to go about their day task till the food is effortlessly delivered right to them.

Another very important reason why restaurants are moving towards online ordering systems is because of better customer data. You are able to know which dishes, in particular, are doing especially well and which ones aren’t. You can know if you have regular, returning customers and even if more sales are coming in from the app or website. Through this vital and useful insight about the customer’s preferences can be used valuably to better the restaurant’s operations.

As it’s tough to work to keep a full-service restaurant up and running, an online ordering system works wonders in helping a business efficiently manage customers and orders. Businesses get a complete sales dashboard in SaaS POS Software, where they can keep track of new, active, canceled, and even lifetime sales details, etc, that help them stay on top of things.

Getting precise information about the cash inflow and payment transactions in a restaurant is definitely a major factor as well. An accurate account and picture of profitability are easy to look into, thanks to this.
With a strong and growing adaption of online ordering among customers, it essentially becomes a window of branding and free advertising! A simple, user-friendly website and a presence in social media platforms and social engagements could surely help in scaling up the business.

The best part is that the costs are minimal! It’s no wonder why restaurants are making the smart decision to move towards online ordering systems!