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ALLPOS, being an incredibly comprehensive product, helps retailers streamline operations, reduce costs, improve customer experience and increase sales.

Kitchen Display System (KDS) Enabled

Works Without Internet

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Manage Your Multiple Cloud Kitchens From A Centralised Hub

  • Accept Orders faster by integrating ALLPOS with multiple third-party food delivery apps.
  • Manage all your delivery operations in one place
  • Compare delivery partner commissions and save costs.
  • Reach more hungry customers from Multiple Locations

"Boost your Sales through integration of multiple Food delivery partners"

Online Ordering Management

  • Connect your online ordering website with POS
  • Give your customers an exclusive digital experience
  • Accept, Manage Online Orders and Deliveries from ALLPOS
  • Save money by skipping third party app commissions

"Let go the third-party apps when you can accept Orders directly from your own website or app through our E-commerce Integrations"

Menu Management

  • Modify your menu items, pricing and portion details anytime and anywhere.
  • Align your menu items as active or inactive on time / season based
  • Categorize or modify combo menu’s anytime
  • Helps to strategise week day, weekend, seasonal discounts and offers

"Your menu is the first action point for your restaurant operation"

Stock Inventory Management

  • Monitoring real-time stock items helps creating better customer experience.
  • Gain sale trends by which menu category is high selling, and moving slowly.
  • Take quick decisions to optimise inventory and avoid wastages
  • Act proactively on stock replenishments quickly based on insights

"No leaving behind, when you have the real-time details of the stock items to serve your customers"

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

  • Your kitchen and the stewards are connected instantly
  • Receive orders directly to the kitchen on a screen, mobile or tablet automatically to track the progress.
  • Improve productivity and profitability by eliminating order related mistakes
  • Speed up the kitchen to table serving time for every order.

"Give more information to your chef on real-time to increase the food experience to the customers"

Business Analytics

  • Gain access to valuable insights to boost your profits and save time
  • Know your fast-moving menu items and the highest footfall time during the day.
  • Increase productivity and grow your business with full potential

"Best-in-class live dashboard to monitor and manage your restaurant"

Real-Time Reporting

  • ALLPOS owner app provides easily understandable insights that will enable you to make effective business decisions on time.
  • Get reports through email from time to time if your restaurant is offline
  • Reduce the wastages in the kitchen and plan your daily stock replenishments
  • Move the inventories across your multiple outlets by knowing the demand and excess supply.

"Quick business decisions on the go besides your day-to-day operations made easy"

Payments Management

  • Hassle free flexible ways for your customers to make payment.
  • Auto reconcile invoices with digital payments.
  • Manage all payments in one place.

"Extend multiple digital payment methods to customers with the help of our integrations"

Loyalty Management

  • Make customers to come back regularly with rewarding loyalty programs.
  • Your sales increases whenever customers redeem the rewards.
  • Delight Your Customers With Promotions And Engage Them Through Regular Customized

"Build a long-lasting relationship with your customers"

Streamline Operations
Acquire Customers
Grow Revenue

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